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Welcome to Team M.S.R. Flashback Moments.
Seeing as we are not attending races for the foreseeable future we felt like we wanted to add some good content that people can read, enjoy and get some level of entertainment.
So, sharing some snippets of memories, moments and general stories from our history of racing seems a good thing to do. These memories wont always be ‘positive result based’ memories. They could just be moments within a race, situations, bad results or good results.

We hope you enjoy reading these and we will try to make them as entertaining as possible!

Team Maximum Service Racing

Flashback Moment #1

Okay so this first flashback moment is going back as far as 2005. As a whole year, 2005 was significant. But this moment is going to focus on the World Championships, held in Lostallo, Switzerland that year. This wasn’t my first taste of the Lostallo track. But it was my first World Championship. And it was my first heavily competitive event that featured drivers from all over the World. I believe over 135 attended.
What moment stands out for me? Other than the social aspects like helping the Americans make margaritas in their RV and making Irish Coffee’s for people, it was that after the first 3 days I remember just going to the Team M.S.R. Camper and breaking down in tears. Not tears of sadness. But just tears of being overwhelmed, frustrated at myself and just the fact that I was at the World Championships. In fairness, with great support from my dad & mechanic Nick I got over the tears and definitely relaxed a lot more.
But just that moment alone was a game changer in my racing career.
Sometimes its the heaviest moments that make the biggest difference!

Flashback Moment #2

Back in 2007 I was driving a RS5 for the first year, moving from Technokit. During the year I had a few good results in Europe and it was going really well. But this Flashback Moment is focused on the EFRA British GP, held in Brookland Raceway. That weekend had been going pretty well. The RS5 factory was there. I remember qualifying into the quarter final, moving up into the semi final and then got into the Main Final. In the main final I believe I started 7th (from pictures). I knew I would be lucky to move up any places by pace alone so it was my aim just to keep going. And that I did. Through the final I moved up a few places from people making mistakes and would move down a few myself from small mistakes, but I kept going. I remember with about 3mins to go I was about 5th, delighted. And then between either mistakes or people running out of fuel, I ended up in 3rd!! Finishing in 3rd was beyond what I expected and when I came down the rostrum, Joszef from the RS5 factory hugged me. Its one of the proudest moments in my racing history!