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Mielke Modelltechnik is one of the most established and popular brands in 1/5th Scale Racing.
Starting way back in 1982 the only aim they had was to help fund their own racing!

But it soon grew into something more, since then they have produced & built fantastic, reliable and advanced products for 1/5th, 1/8th Scale and more.

They will continue to develop & advance their products as much as possible to suit the drivers. For them, we believe, it is about the passion of the sport as much as anything else.

For the years we have been racing in 1/5th we have spent many times talking to Michael Mielke, his Father, Mother & Wife. We have made them Irish Coffee’s and shared good times with them.

They always try to have fun at races, and that will always translate into the products they develop and produce.

You can purchase Mielke Modelltechnik Products on the Team M.S.R. Store.
For the year of 2016 Team M.S.R. Will be exclusively using the Mielke Power Gearshift Clutch and Mielke BigPower Tornado Pipe!!