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We have a long history with RS5 Modelsport and the RS5 Car that expands over 8 years!!
Back in 2007 we raced the RS5 CR007 Car, competing in events in UK, Europe & even as far as Australia.

In 2008 we made the change to a different car, for personal reasons.
Throughout that year we ended up having more frustrations than we wanted and in the end, at the last EFRA GP of the 2008 season, in Holland, we were left without a car! Then the RS5 Factory stepped in and offered us the use of their spare RS5 car, ready to race. We gladly accepted and in that event Cormac finished 8th, surprising himself, RS5 and a lot of others.

From that point onwards we have committed ourselves to the RS5 car, brand, philosophy and have felt that they have always held the same attitudes as us in how people should simply just enjoy the car and find it easy to work on.
Since 2009 we have been a highly active RS5 Retailer for customers all over the World. Covering countries from Singapore to Norway, we have backed up our service with knowledge, information & videos.
Our aim as RS5 Retailers has simply been to give as much open and expertise information as possible, to know the car inside out in how it performs, how it is set up, how evolutionary changes affect the car and to be able to pass on all information to our customers.

We have watched, witnessed & experienced the evolution of the RS5 car, from the first ‘T’ series car, the T10, to the evolutionary T13 Car!

Now, for 2016, we introduce to you the T16 & Tx16 RS5 Cars!!!
Two different models, many different options.
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