About Us

Team Maximum Service Racing Store:

Originating from the 1/5th Scale Racing Team 'Team Maximum Service Racing'.
The sales and distribution business was set-up in 2009 by Team M.S.R. Driver Cormac Wyatt.

Why? It was set-up and started as him & Nick share a passion for 1/5th Scale Racing. And they wanted to see it grow!
And be part of that growth. They want to be able to show people how much fun they can have and share the passion that they have.

We have been involved in 1/5th Scale Racing since 2002!
This has become a huge passion for us. We love what we do, going to races and meeting people.
And we want to translate that into the business side of things, offer good prices, good support and a friendly face.

We hide nothing, we share everything we know as much as possible.
This is what the business is based on. It is why it works.

Team Maximum Service Racing